The financial oversight to help you grow your business.​

As your business grows and matures, owners reach a point where the financial decisions become all consuming, and sometimes get away from us. Growing businesses as well as operations that are in trouble can all benefit from the advice and oversight of a senior-level controller or Chief Financial Officer. 

The problem for most small to medium companies is that budgets do not allow for the salary of a full time financial executive. This is where ZMC & Associates steps in. 

Our outsourced CFO/Controllership service brings your company the experienced financial wisdom to organize and set up reporting systems that put your businesses finances on the right track. Best of all, the cost of our services is a fraction of what a high-level employee would cost.

Let us help you get organized! We can help with:

  • Budget creation
  • Cash flow management strategies
  • Senior-level financial decision making
  • Creating a tax strategy
  • Reviewing your insurance policies and other legal agreements.

Put the power of our executive financial management experience to work for your business. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs and pressing issues.

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