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For everyone who thinks they can prepare their own taxes, just consider that the CCH Federal Tax Reporter, one of the leading documents for tax preparers researching tax code, is the equivalent to approximately 74,000 pages of information. For this reason alone, you need to rely on a tax professional to ensure the best results.

Our firm provides tax preparation services for individuals and closely-held businesses of all sizes and industries. If you have been struggling to tackle the job yourself every year, the massive changes in the tax code — particularly if you own a business or have investments — can be enough frustration to convince you to leave it to professionals. We handle tax issues every single day for hundreds of clients. Let our qualified professionals assist you and rest easy knowing the job is done right.

Depend on ZMC & Associates for all of your tax preparation and planning needs, including:

The Proactive Way to Minimize Your Taxes

Did your business lease or buy equipment? Did you relocate or expand? Have you opened new locations or hired employees or warehouses in another state?  These common occurrences may have significant impact on your tax obligations.

The concept of tax planning is simple: Anticipate business decisions that have a potential tax impact and develop strategies that minimize the tax obligations of those business decisions. Some people don’t like to spend money on consultations, and we get that. However, a little conversation and some proactive planning almost always results in cost savings to the business—and the business owner—far beyond the cost of a couple hours of professional time.  As they say, it is money well spent.

Our tax preparation team is staffed with proven professionals. We use our tax code knowledge to develop intelligent tax planning conversations with you. In doing so, we can determine ways to minimize your tax liabilities as well as help plan for funding retirement and other financial goals. 

ZMC & Associates will help you navigate around the issues associated with state, local and Federal tax regulations to ensure that your business mitigates unnecessary tax issues before they become an issue.

There is no such thing as a simple return.


Individual Tax Services

Changes in tax rates, credits and how income can be recognized can mean a world of difference between seeing a refund or paying substantial unexpected taxes. ZMC & Associates is the perfect alternative for individuals who want professional help beyond a software download or their corner tax prep shop. Because we know the tax code and understand the concept of tax planning, we can work with you to develop a tax strategy that works best for you. We’re competitively priced, but more important, we are experienced people, not machines programmed to limit your thinking. We’ll take the worry out of your tax compliance obligations.

Business Tax Services

As a business owner, you already know how complex your tax compliance has become. From sales-and-use-taxes to state, local and Federal income taxes, the rules change with every session of Congress. For example, if you had a PPP loan or relied on other resources over the last year or two, you understand the many changes that tax professionals must consider when preparing your tax forms. Filing late or incorrectly will be expensive.

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