We keep your financial house in order.

The real estate industry can be tumultuous, with buy and sell cycles determining the fortunes of even the most stable firms overnight. Market fluctuations and interest rates aside, maintaining tight control over cash flow and operational costs are critical to your business. That’s why the Atlanta-area real estate industry looks to ZMC & Associates for payroll, bookkeeping and accounting expertise.

We provide strategic consulting, as well as audit and tax services to professional firms on all sides of the industry, including owners and developers, real estate investors, insurance companies, property management companies and brokers, and contractors. We also provide guidance to clients in the related sectors of construction, multifamily, commercial and industrial interests, affordable housing and hospitality, as well as to Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

Are you disappointed with your current service? Tired of getting late notices on filings? Sick and tired of not getting prompt responses to your financial questions? It’s time for a change, and we are here to help.

ZMC & Associates is here to help you succeed.

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